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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Reading Alfred Eidersheim

He has several books, this one THE TEMPLE-ITS OFFERINGS AND CUSTOMS.

It gets my imagination working.
Imagine awe struck pilgrims in O.T. times coming into Jerusalem to celebrate festivals...some never seeing the city before.  Many never far from their nomadic dwellings, surrounded by more animals than humans in their home setting.
They're seeing grand buildings, streets and alleys, brightly colored garments.
Overwhelming compared to their accustomed TAN:
deserts, animals, dwellngs...
To see hundreds of water vessels in one place after living with scarce water sources.  Seeing market stalls piled high with fruits and vegetables, whole sides of meat hanging...already caught, skinned, cleaned.
Can you imagine with me the amazing sights one might see rarely, even only once in his lifetime, if that? 
I am thankful that our God reveals Himself to me dozens of times a day in many personal ways...right here where I dwell.

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