Peekers and Seekers

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

creature of habit

Maybe that's what I am.  Well, not a creature, but habitual, definitely.  When I complete a craft or recipe with success, I keep on repeating the same.  It rarely occurs to me to take a different route to a familiar place:  bank, mall, church, etc.  Just the same ol' thing.
So, here I am, doing it again.  When in high school, I read GONE WITH THE WIND three times (as I recall).  This morning I finished THE BROKER by John Grisham for the third time also.  I love that book.  Can you tell?  Does that make me habitual?
I thought about these books and decided I like them both because they capture my mind and place me in a different culture, different surrounding.  I knew TARA (Scarlet's Southern mansion home) well and pictured it clearly in my mind.  Because of the book,  I imagine I know BOLOGNA, Italy to read the descriptions of the places of interest in the city. 
One change though, I can Google it on the internet, pulling up actual photos and travel information, beyond what the book offers.  What a wonderful world we live in!