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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Christmas in the South

I spent Christmas at daughter #2 south of New Orleans.  Came home one month ago tomorrow (eve of New Year's eve).  She collects angels and brings them all out at Christmas time.

 My friends call me a tornado magnet after a killer tornado flew over us, killing 4 in a town nearby...and I was in one in N. Iowa in June.

My daughter is a super hostess and loves to entertain.  My time was much more fun than I'd have by myself.  She's a great cook; I tasted sea creatures cooked creatively, rich desserts, good coffee. 
It was harvest time of sugar cane; I visited one of their 'above-ground' cemetaries and bayous, saw brackish water...all these new to me.

I was able to visit her church with her , sew a wardrobe for her dog Ruby:

I'll share more another time.  Stay warm..."and Mama in her kerchief and me in my cap......ready for a long winter's nap."



Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Slower than...._________(fill in the blank)

Happy New Year!  (only 1 month late)
You would think I've just been too busy to post...NOT!  Been painting woodwork, watching 'Doc Martin' series over and over, reading, reading, reading.  I love retirement:
Apparently my memory is 'retiring' too, as I enjoy whatever I watch or read as much each time I give it my attention.  My kids have mentioned it lately (as I recall).
I don't plan on 'retiring' this stay tuned.  I'm working on another entry.