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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The church is changing....

There's a panel of 4 pastors that have an internet program that

I've listened to for over 20 years. They were very young when
they began, and seem young to me still...they're all at least
20 years younger than I am. Here's some notes I took while
listening today:

By the time young adults are in their sophmore year in college,
80% stop going to church. These claim to be believers, and
have been raised in the church.
It's not that they don't know what they believe and why they
believe it. They come to a crisis and all they ever knew were
people their same age their whole life in the church.
The church has edged out the inter-generational friendships (by
scheduling classes and activities of similar aged).
These were those who as young people, were
brought up in early SS classes, social groups in the church,
Bible camps, etc. all their life.
They have been entertained, spoon-fed, and separated from
other age groups in the church that can be watched and
emulated. And now need watch and know those who have been through life-wrenching
problems and come out victorious. Those testimonies are proof
of's life changing for those who are watching and learning.

I'm very interested in all this. The church in America is
undergoing much change today and as I see some of these
changes I'm encouraged.

Why not respond to this blog and let me know what you think about
all this?

Friday, August 20, 2010

water, water everywhere....

I'm reading an interesting book ...the author says water and air still exists that was created by God in the beginning.  He wonders, "How many times were hydrogen and oxygen molecules divorced and remarried?"

here's something from NOTES FROM THE TILT-A-WHIRL by N.D. Wilson:

"There is water somewhere in the world that ran down the body of the Word Himself as John, His cousin, baptized Him. No doubt it is water still, uncherished by man, known only by the Author of this story. Drops were chosen to serve as His tears beside Jerusalem, more were chosen to wait in His side for the tip of a Roman spear. But did that water retire? Does it no longer have a task? Has God made sure it never entered a toilet tank or moistened the parched lips of a liar? Why would He? He has never treated Himself as sacred. That's our role.

Does God shape each water molecule with the care He puts into His snowflakes? ...He knows where they have been and where they are going. He knows their uniqueness and which of the holiest ancient drops are now in relationships what would appall any human sensibilities.”

and about the snowflakes around him, “I wanted to know where they had spent their lives, lives that stretched back to the beginning of the world.” p. 45, 46
He goes on to wonder about the steam coming off a cow’s back, water spouted by whales off the coast of Oregon, and where’s the water that was around during Moses and the Red Sea business...and on and on.

The sad part to me, is we are oblivious to the wonder of creation that once began and goes on even in our days. We need to open our senses and look around and see what He has for us.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

trading skins

I've been reading Henry Morris' commentary on the book of Job.  Of course, the culture and traditions jump out at me.  Here's one to share with you...
Satan knew Job was the most godly man on earth. Satan had allowed (Noah) to escape his control...Before that he had been permitted to test Adam and Eve and he was successful with them.  Here he was again, knocking on God's door for permission to pester and try Job.
Satan requested a second even harder test for Job, the first being to take from him everything he had.  Now he planned to attack his flesh.  He said to God:
"Skin for skin, all that a man has he will give for his life."  Job 2:4
I've heard the phrase skin for skin before, but didn't know what it meant. 
In those times, men often used animal skins they had for bartering.  They would trade a skin they had for one of equal value and from a different type of animal.  I can imagine a line of camels traveling to and from market, over the desert path, piled high with supple, colorful animal skins.  Perhaps traded  for other animals, spices, salt, precious minerals, etc.
Here, Satan is suggesting Job give up his very skin in trade for his life (I think).
This saying is unfamiliar to me, but it sure gives my imagination a 'kick-start'.
Here's one way to use animal skins....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

love and protect...til....

While strolling through Doug Wilson's blog today, Blog&Mablog, I was reminded of "May bride/December groom"...or however that goes.
Both Adam and Boaz were older than their brides—Adam by a few days, and Boaz by quite a few years. Both Adam and Boaz were men of the soil, laboring to bring fruitfulness out of the ground. Both women were vulnerable and needed a protector.  Adam was told to tend and keep the garden, which placed him in the role of a protector. At the very center of what needed protecting was his bride, and one of Adam’s greatest failures was his failure to protect his wife from the dragon.
Contrast this with the behavior of Boaz. When Ruth first begins working in his fields, he assumes the role of a protector. Boaz is a protector throughout that entire book. He tells the men working the harvest that they were not to touch her (Ruth 2:9). He protected her from want by giving her water (Ruth 2: 9) and food (Ruth 2:14). When she went to him at the threshing floor, he extended his cloak of protection over her—but he had been watching out for her from the first moment he saw her. Boaz is a new Adam, protecting his bride in ways that the first Adam had not. Boaz was such a protector that he leads with it. He did not protect Ruth because she was his wife; she became his wife because he had protected her.
And both men were great-grandfathers of the Christ.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

retro words

I grew up in a home where name calling was just part of the language residing in our conversations.  We had words and names for races or individuals that today are considered prejudicial and rude.  But, if called on it, we'd defend our words with, "Aw, quit yer bellyachin'...didn't mean nothin' by it, ya know."
Today most of those same titles are offensive to many and not 'politically correct'.
Jesus died for the WHOLE world and those who walk with Him are heartbroken when they hear those terms now...AT LEAST I AM!!
So, I was surprised this morning when I listened to a 10 minute Bible study on the internet and heard the word 'gypped' applied to an Israeli tribe in the Old Testament.  My antennae went up; I haven't heard that title for many years.

Being "Gypped" is offensive to the Rromani, i.e. "Gypsy". That is where the word "gypped" came from.
The Roma people live in many places in Europe...this recent photo is a girl in France.

Isn't this little girl beautiful?  My daughter knew of many when she lived in Romania earlier this year.  I hope I don't hear the verb 'gypped' ever again. 

"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my rock and my Redeemer."  Ps. 19:14


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today is the first day of this new blog.  I had another blog for several years entitled, creatingeveryday, and although I am still creating everyday, I'm changing blog title and direction.  Agreeing with my future blogs is not a fact, I'd love to hear your response from time to time, favorable or not.
Ready?  Here we go...........

I was in Jude this morning for a minute...something caught my eye about a verse in Ezekiel...then I ended up in Genesis.  This is what I call RABBIT TRAILS...come along with me and let's chase rabbits together.