Peekers and Seekers

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Curious things in nature

We have this 'pesky' vine that takes over a corner of the yard every summer:
Passion Fruit Vine.  Beautiful leaves on a lonnnnnnnnnnng vine and the most unusual blossoms I've ever seen.

I feel disrespectful to say God has a sense of humor, but I can say that of me, cuz' this flower is humerous to me.  We'll soon see bright green fruit the size of a lime hanging where this blossom is now.
Another humerous sight is the flowering vine growing out of the fork of a tree I encountered on my morning walk.

How did the seed get in there?  Did the breeze blow enough dirt into the crack, two feet up from the ground?  And then did a bird drop a seed onto the fertile North Carolina soil? 
I've been memorizing Psalm 1 (for about 2 years...slow at memorizing).  One line says the wicked are like the chaff the wind blows away.  That tells me our Creator uses many agents to create wonders like this for me to watch.
He tickles my curiosity often.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Upcoming Wedding

One of my grandaughters is planning for her wedding on Sept. 1.  Her aunt (my 3rd daughter) hosted the wedding shower last Saturday.  Shower gifts have changed over the many years since I've attended, though the activities were similar:  games, food, gift opening.
Another mother and I were comparing present day showers with those of our own, our daughter's and now our grandaughter's.  Most of the young wives I know are working at two or three part-time jobs, involved in sports, aren't ready to decorate a home they own, etc.
She said they often just continue their 'dorm' way of life:
-sit on the floor or sofa in front of the TV to eat
-eat more carry-out or fast food right from the bag
-eat only when hungry (famished?) rather than at regular, set mealtimes

We shared how not many know how to cook when they leave home, so have no need for cooking utensils or kitchen gadgets.  I don't say all this to criticize, but just to say it's really changed since I was a young bride.
Here's some of the photos I took: