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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

sweaty, stinky kid

I'm continuing on with the last blog entry...

1 Samuel 16:
The priest asked the father, Jesse, to send for the last (8th) son.  He came running in and was described as being, "ruddy, had beautiful eyes and was handsome."  ruddy: red complexion...of course, duh!  He worked out in the sun every day tending Dad's sheep.  And, I bet he was dirty, sweaty, hot, stinky, hungry, etc.  Not 'kingly' material.
And the LORD said, "Get up, stand at attention...your king is present!"
(have you noticed I changed the words a bit?)
God instructed Samuel to do what he was sent here for...anoint the boy.  There's no timeline here;  did they let David wash up and get a drink?  did he have to go right back out to the sheep?  were his many brothers jealous?  did the family have to serve him now?  I mean, he's the new king after all.
My son had 4 elder sisters; I'm pictured with him at the right.  How would they have felt living with a king?  would they honor him?  Nah!
Down a few verses in chapter 16, it says after this event at home, David went right back to the sheep.  (see what a responsible kid he is?  his folks did a good job.) 

Saul, the present king, said to his servants, "Find a good musician and bring him here.vs.18  One of the young men answered, “Behold, I have seen a son of Jesse the Bethlehemite, who is skillful in playing, a man of valor, a man of war, prudent in speech, and a man of good presence, and the Lord is with him.” 19 Therefore Saul sent messengers to Jesse and said, “Send me David your son, who is with the sheep.” 20 And Jesse took a donkey laden with bread and a skin of wine and a young goat and sent them by David his son to Saul. 21 And David came to Saul and entered his service. And Saul loved him greatly, and he became his armor-bearer.

Before long the reigning king sent the 'kid' to the front of the battle.  That's in the next chapter, 1 Sam. 17.  That's where it really gets exciting.  Even if you don't like war stories, you'll love this!  I'd like to blog about that next time.

Our God is so good.  He wrote a book of thrilling bedtime stories for us, but they're all true.  I love sharing about it with you.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I miss blogging.

Yup, you're's been too long.  My imagination played overtime in the following:

Imagine what it must have been like when Samuel found David:
1 Sam. 16, God commanded Samuel, the high priest of Israel, to find another to replace the poor choice of the people, King Saul.  The first king ever; the many the people chose, a poor choice at that.  He's done enough damage and God told Samuel to go find the, er, teen of God's choice.
He said, "start walking, I'll show you where.  Take with you a small portion of oil for anointing, walk to Bethlehem (a few miles) and look for a father named Jesse."
Samuel said, "If King Saul learns of it, he will kill me." (he said with shaking knees)
God said, "Take a cow and if questioned say you're on your way to sacrifice.  Invite Jesse to the sacrifice and I'll show you what to do."
That's like Billy Graham or the Pope coming into town, holding onto a container in one hand and in the other hand, a rope with a pretty cow attached.  Smaller town, different time and culture, but still strange.  That's sure to draw some attention.
The city elders (mayor and town council?) met him at the city gate and appear to be pretty nervous about this official.  They were doing their job, he was doing his.
Samuel noted their apprehension and said, "I come in peace!  I will be sacrificing this animal to our God, Jehovah.  By the way, wanna come to the sacrificial dinner?"
Then he apparently found Jesse and his sons (most of them) and invited them also.
When all was prepared, Samuel began to interview each of the sons while listening to God whisper in his ear about each.  "Nope!"  "Not this one!"  "Look for another!"  "Nope!"
Soon Samuel said to Jesse, "The LORD hasn't chosen any of any more?"
Jesse replied, maybe off-handedly, "Well, just the young guy out with the sheep."

Just another day, just another area of service for our God.  I've had days when it began as ordinary, but God led me to a particular person to share with or a certain act of service for Him that I didn't plan.  I love those events, those un-planned encounters, of being sent out by the King to do His bidding.
I'll continue with this encounter of Samuel/David next won't have to wait as long next time.

I've taken some liberties here.