Peekers and Seekers

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

company comin'

I look forward to the next September days.  My sister from Iowa, whom I haven't seen in over four years, and my daughter who lives mostly in Romania, whom I haven't seen in over two years...are coming to visit.  The weather has been beautiful since the hurricanes passed through, and NC has pre-frost beauty in nature to show.  The very hot days are over until next summer.
I've prayed much about their visit; mostly, I've prayed they would sense the love and joy for Jesus in this house, not that OUR testimony will be highlighted, but that HE would be.
Funny how I find new things to be thankful for, just keeping my eyes and mind open.  This morning I'm thanking God for Paul's beatings.  Because he continued to strive in spite of terrible beatings, 39 flesh wound stripes on his back five times (2 Cor. 11:24)...and more physical discomforts...he cried out to God.  Those cries were captured in print to encourage and edify me, to build up my faith in God, to treasure Christ even more.
Now that I'm writing this, I thank god for David's many troubles.  We're all comforted by his cries for protection and mercy.  When I meditate on those verses, my own faith is deepened.

July flowers in my yard....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NASA auction of space travel items on 9/15

Rare artifacts and trinkets from the history of NASA are going to auction in the upcoming week-long Space & Aviation Autograph and Artifact Auction from RR Auction starting September 15th. The auction will feature a letter from Neil Armstrong about his first words on the moon, Armstrong’s training glove, and other exceptional items from the history of space flight and aviation.
But one of the more unique items up for bid? A full King James Bible that has journeyed all the way to the moon’s surface.

Read more:
I see one packs differently for travel when one is going to the moon.  I wonder what I would decide to take?

on another note:  summer is about over...went fast!  Raleigh experienced an earthquake and a hurricane in one week...makes me wonder what winter has in store for us.

"The LORD, He is the one who goes before you.  He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you."  Deut. 31:8

A Lovely flower from my backyard....

Thursday, September 1, 2011

day-old smoke odor

I put three small potatoes in the microwave oven for 4 minutes yesterday, then left to pick up the gr-kids at school.  Gone maybe 20 min.  Came home to find garage door open, smoke drifting out, fans running.  Either my microwave malfunctioned or I accidently hit 40 minutes instead of 4, but was gone only 20...guess I'll never know which action caused it.  The potatoes and ceramic dish were totally incinerated, the inside of oven was black...and 20 hrs. later, we're still trying to be rid of the odor.
The result was that the microwave died...shorted out?  melted the element?  But, since that and my toaster oven are my main source of cooking, I need to buy a new one today.
Sometimes I get this feeling like my insides are filled with pickle brine...the only way I can define it.  Get that way when I've made a mistake or made an unkind or untruthful comment...occurrences that one can't call back and eliminate.  (does this sound like confession?)  Feeling irresponsible since...probably because I'm a controller, and this was obviously out of control.
 I'm rationalizing the event:
40 minutes?  but only gone for 20 minutes.
microwave malfunction?  can't even remember when I bought it, but it's pretty old.
But the scary part was my husband was home and is legally deaf...couldn't hear the smoke alarm unless he was next to it.  Thank the Lord, my granddaughter was home upstairs and heard the alarm.  She asked his advice and he walked her through controlling the noise, smoke.  About that time I arrived.
So, today I have a new rule for me in my part of the house:  NO COOKING ANYTHING UNLESS I'M HOME...I don't even trust the crockpot now.
Once again, my God protects us.
"This is God, our God forever and ever; He will be our guide even to death.  Ps. 48:14"