Peekers and Seekers

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

barely time for a February blog

I don't really have a 'bucket list'.  I'll have my 75th birthday next month and I can't even think of anything I especially want for that!  As I've completed goals in earlier years, I've probably eliminated the need for a list. 
When young I  satisfied the search for the best sidewalk to roller skate on (in my neighborhood).
I spent many years comparing donuts in several states...Casey's donuts in the Midwest are still the winner for me! (cross that one off the list)... I guess now I'm searching for the best SCONE.  Panera is very good, B&N is just OK, but the one I enjoyed yesterday has been the best.  I found and devoured it at:
THE UPPER CRUST shop in North Raleigh:

It's located on Honeycutt Rd., near Strickland and Hwy. 540.  It's a delightful shop...and the coffee is very good too.

Monday, February 20, 2012

sometimes ya gotta laugh...

I'm pretty much willing to try something new.  I didn't have a particular knitting project going, so decided to knit a teeny little baby sweater with leftover old fingering sock yarn.  I probably didn't weigh it, just 'eye-balled' it.  (note to self:  don't do that!)  Also, I don't even know a baby or anyone who is planning for one.  This is so soft and sweet.......and incomplete.  Here is photo before adding sleeves:

Here is the photo of it now...AFTER running OUT OF yarn !!
 I'd be very disappointed if it wasn't so funny.  I'd never be able to match the die lot, but will probably look for a close skein.  Sometimes I learn the hard way.
The sun still shines, even on my mistakes!  I praise Him.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a palace

I am presently reading and studying KING SOLOMON by Philip Ryken, president of Wheaton College.
I'm at chapter 6 of 1 Kings, the part about the two houses Solomon built:  one for God and one for himself.  His own house was adjacent to the house of God...but much larger.  The last verse of chapter 6 says, "He was seven years in building (the temple)."  The next verse, chapter 7:1 says, "Solomon was building his own house thirteen years..."
It looks like his house was comprised of five main buildings:  the Hall of the Throne (Israel's Supreme Court Building), the House of the Forest of Lebanon, the Hall of Pillars, houses of his residence including a separate house for his Egyptian wife...a princess (Pharoahs daughter) that he had married.  1Kings 7:8  
I wish I could have seen it; must have been the finest dwelling in the entire world.  But, more than that, I'd love to meet the staff that kept all that wood and gold polished.  Wonder what they used as cleaning supplies.