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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Were you invited to the Royal Wedding?

(oooops, you could call this a 'monthly blog', since I post only that often...sorry!)

I think I heard that Prince William and Kate's wedding will be the end of April.  I didn't receive an invitation, but it's early...I'm hoping.  Wouldn't that be grand?
Anyway, I'll be celebrating here.  I have a dressy blouse and a white pair of pants, look like new;  I will bake or buy a cupcake with tons of frosting (white, no sprinkles) and I'll lift my cup and toast the happy couple (coffee, of course).

This makes me consider the wedding Jesus attended in Cana...the sight of His first miracle.  He turned six huge clay pots filled with water into 162 gallons of the finest wine...instantly....without calling out "Abra-ka-dabra".  It seemed like an after-thought, so incidental was it, but we know it was planned.  The God who created grapes and planted them in the first garden on earth, who showed Adam  how to harvest and make them into fine wines...produced a vintage beverage in an instant.
He was the unseen Guest at the weddings of Abraham (a friend of God) and David (the apple of God's eye), and Joseph (His earthly father).  Oh, He has attended so many weddings He could be called the Grand Wedding Planner, I think.
Well, let me know if you receive your invitation....