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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Four daunting figures in black....

I'm recovering from a month-long attack...not the flu, not a real head said yesterday it's now STREP infection.  Swell!  Everybody needs this 'junk' every 10 yrs. or so, just so one appreciates what good health was like.  I'm pretty contagious today...So, if I wander...or blather, please excuse me.
Just now, four adults, three women and one older man, knocked on our door, then left our yard.  They were all four dressed in BLACK...from shoes to hats, carrying their brand of 'scripture'.  JW's...
They all piled in the car at the curb and sat for a few minutes.  I didn't pull out my binoculars, but it looked like they were praying...for me? whom do they pray?  MY GOD says we shall have NO other gods than He; I don't believe their god is the same as my who received their prayers?  Did they just waste their time ...flatter their god...complete their good deed for the day????
Usually, I'm challenged when JW's knock on my door...I love to share the gospel with them, show them the joy I have in Jesus.  They could have used a big dose of joy.  They were downcast, black-garbed joyless figures...walking with their heads hanging...they truly looked defeated as they drove away.

Proverbs 15:23   A person finds joy in giving an apt reply—  and how good is a timely word!

Monday, January 10, 2011

"...mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of 'em all?"

Please excuse my absence from blogging...don't have a really good reason to be away...

I was reading Job 42:15 this morning, and noted this:
Job had three daughters...they were the MOST beautiful in the country...and they were rich!  They had their own inheritance, which was unusual for daughters in those days.  Wow!  Can't you just see old Job (says he lived to be 140 yrs. old; twice what most men lived) holding down his pride about the girls??

I don't follow the celebs in the U.S., but sometimes I hear the name of the three Kardashian beautiful and famous they are today.  The Most beautiful in the land?  And rich!  And sought after!
I thought about if I was their parent...fielding the phone calls, TV offers, boys at the door at all hours...the trips to Target for make-up, to the Mall for fashions, teaching them each to drive as teens.....and although I have four lovely daughters, we didn't have to deal with talent scouts, paparazi, endorsements, etc.
Can you imagine??
And what about their Mom??  She had 20 - TWENTY kids in all over the years!  Poor thing must have been 'plum wore out'...
It was an asset to have lovely daughters in Job's day...she might bring a good price.  But, today an asset to some might become a headache to others (me).  My God made me and I'm thankful He didn't make me to be the Mom to a celeb.
Praise the Most-Wise God...His Name is YAHWEH.

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