Peekers and Seekers

Monday, March 12, 2012

encouraging message

I've been watching and listening to inspiration from 2011 Desiring God mission conference:

from Michael Oh, a missionary from Japan:
Brazil has sent out over 2,000 international missionaries.  They are the 1st he has heard of that gives 75% of their church budget for global missions.
In 1951, the largest InterVarsity student ministry was in China...1 out of every 18 college students was involved in an IV group.  The Communist government placed spys in each of the group...and the spys became believers.  He said that a conservative figure is that today there are 75,000,000 Christians in China.
Today South Korea has sent out over 21,000 missionaries to 175 nations.  It is today very likely the Number 1 missions sending nation in the world.
Multitudes are hearing of Jesus' work on their behalf in African countries and the middle-East, etc.

What an exciting time to live in.  I feel insignificant compared to these excited, sharing saints.
"To every nation; to the Jew first."

Saturday, March 10, 2012

read this and yawn!

An article in says:  Yawning is not contagious.  (when I see someone yawn, I invariably follow with a yawn).  But instead,  he says YAWNING is somehow connected to changing levels of body activity.  A pianist YAWNS just before an important performance, Olympic athletes YAWN before the big event.  this is interesting:  embryos begin YAWNING eleven weeks after conception.
"He says YAWNING is somehow connected to changing levels of body activity, changes from one state to another, like inactive to active or vice versa, but nobody understands just what the connection is."
A yawn expert, psychologist says..."Every vertebrate species YAWNS.
Fish YAWN.
Birds YAWN.
Alligators YAWN

Now you know...aren't you glad you have this fact to share? 

           Enjoy your day.  The great Creator God made it for us to enjoy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

just a few thoughts...

I took this photo minutes ago.

 There's a crew of roofers putting new roof shingles on the house behind us.  I don't know what country these men are from but they're all speaking Spanish and...they're are all HAPPY workers.  Yes, hard workers, but so happy.  It's nice to see people who have work at all, and even more gratifying to watch HAPPY workers!

I'm still checking out scones and visited Panera again this week.  I noticed two middle-age couples sitting next to my table.  They were all Asian and were speaking in their own language.  That's so cool...they could speak as freely and loudly as they chose, and very few people in the crowded cafe knew what they were discussing.  They seemed to enjoy their food and I noticed they weren't drinking tea or eating rice cakes.  They were eating lots of carbs and sugar and drinking COFFEE.  That surprised me.  Also, they didn't look like they had just arrived in the U.S.  The women had very curly hair (perms?), all had blue jeans and wore Nikes.  I realized I had my own stereotype.  Is that a type of bias?  Don't know, but it was fun watching them and sharing it with you.

I'm so very thankful we weren't in the awful storms of last week. 
"Preliminary government estimates say that there were more tornadoes in a single day during the outbreak than ever recorded in history. Of the 312 twisters that were spawned, 226 occurred within a 24-hour period."  Huffington Post.

"Frequent and intense tornado outbreaks resulted in 552 tornado-related deaths in 2011, the second deadliest year on record, from 1,709 tornadoes, raising fears that this will be another devastating year for tornadoes."  Meteriologist, Paul Yeager on Huffington Post.  HP's photo below:

I won't use the too common comment of today, 'MY HEART BREAKS FOR THEM'...that phrase is often over used and said with out meaning.  I'm able to keep them in my thoughts and actually DO something about it...pray for them.

"Oh preserve us and our habitations, that we be not buried in the ruins of them as Job's children were."  Job 1:19

Monday, March 5, 2012

It's beginning to look like Spring.

I recently mentioned I don't really have a 'Bucket List'.  I'm quite content with where I am and who I am in life.  But, I thought of some items I would put on a 'Heaven List', if I made one:

NO screen doors...(cuz' no bugs!)
NO glue boards (to catch mice, voles, etc.)  (I snared 3 or them this week in the kitchen)  YUK!
NO noisy power mowers or leaf big pasture kept short by sheep, goats and cows.
NO processed foods filled with pesticides and additives...fresh foods ready to pick and eat from royal orchards.
NO crying babies; only fat and happy youngsters...the Word promises "no more tears".
NO murderers or grifters like Capone or Madoff...because NO sinners are allowed.
NO drivers with "road rage" won't be necessary to travel on streets of gold.
NO gossip...only kind words and conversations.
    the list goes on~~~

The weather has cooled down since the plague of tornadoes last week.  It's been windy the last few days, but the sun still shines and the flowers are blooming:  forsythia, jonquils, camelias, flowering almond trees and the azaleas are budding.  Don't ya just love spring??

Have YOU been planted?
The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree, he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.  Thos who are planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God.  They shall still bear fruit in old age; they shall be fresh and flourishing.     Ps. 92:12-14